Distributed Leadership

“We always bet on the collective ability of the rank and file over
the talent of a single superstar
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Distributed Leadership Tenet

It is the responsibility of every leader at Price to nurture others to lead in their own right. This leadership culture promotes trust and accountability and distributes authority and responsibility.

An army of leaders will always outperform an army with a single general.

Price Points On Distributed Leadership


Learn by doing

Learning by doing is how Gerry built a billion-dollar company, inspiring and encouraging his leaders to always do the same. Within Price, this learning by doing is called the “Tuition of Innovation,” and leaders know that the time and resources will pay off in the long run with better products and greater return on service.


Go into the hinterland

The hinterland strategy in the 1980s was to target smaller markets, get a foothold, and repeat, eventually moving onto other markets. The strategy worked well, as Price flew under the radar, gaining noteworthy success in smaller markets.


Commit to distributed leadership

As Price USA started to grow, the need to scale was crucial to sustain momentum. Gerry recruited experienced HVAC leaders, trained them, and then got out of their way. For this distributed leadership strategy to succeed, the right environment is required, one where leaders feel comfortable relinquishing responsibility, allowing other leaders to take on more.

E.H. Price: Foundation and Legacy