Foundation and Legacy

“We are striving to build a forever company. 
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Foundation and Legacy Tenet

We are builders. We are striving to build a “forever” company, operated in a principled way and valued by our employees, customers, and communities. We take the long view to success. A successful year is one we can look back on and be excited by the foundation we laid for the future.

We define foundation as anything that helps us serve our customers better.

Price Points On Foundation and Legacy


Build with an eye on the future

Even as a brutal Canadian recession plunged Price into record debt, Gerry negotiated a $2 million loan to buy out Price’s partner in aluminum extrusion. The current financial situation should not deter good long-term financial decisions.


Focus on future growth, not the bottom line

Build the foundation and the legacy will follow. Price has built the foundation of its company, along with its investments in people, technology, products, and plants with a foundation-first focus.


Embrace learning over sales

The challenge for most businesses attempting to build foundation is that they do not always produce ROI, even in the long run. A sales focus obfuscates the value of producing foundation. Success in building foundation is measured not in sales but in knowledge gained.

E.H. Price: Foundation and Legacy