Where it all started

E.H. Price

Founded in 1949

Looking back before looking forward

Gerry’s father, Ernie, started E.H. Price Ltd. in 1949 as a one-person company, selling HVAC products made by others. Gerry joined E.H. Price Ltd. (now Price Industries Ltd.) in 1977, ascending to the role of company president in 1986.

While they shared the Price surname, Gerry and his father never worked together in a formal leadership structure; Ernie retired five years before Gerry joined the company. Nonetheless, Ernie was pleasantly surprised when Gerry came on board, given Gerry’s initial career path in research.

This link will take you to the 1989 typewritten document that Gerry himself, recorded on the company history shortly after he became President of E.H. Price Ltd.

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