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In the spirit of service, this book is also for anyone seeking another
way—the Price Way—of doing business. In doing so we would like to hear from all those who have been impacted by Gerry and his way of carrying out the Price Way so we may be able to share those experiences with others. Thank you!

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I was at a low point in my life in 2019 when Gerry gave me the opportunity to work as an assistant in the Price lab for 1 year. The training gave me confidence and real world experience to pursue a career in finance. Best company ever!

Michael Xu

In January 2009, I was halfway through my MBA at the University of Western Ontario when Joe Cyr invited me to attend the 2009 National Sales Meeting at Lake Lanier, just north of Atlanta. It was the first time I had been exposed to the sales side of the business and I was thoroughly impressed. What stands out for me from that meeting was watching Gerry on stage in front of hundreds of our sales reps explaining how Price would do whatever necessary to make our reps successful, and in-turn, we would win. Gerry’s energy was palpable and got me excited about being involved in that side of the business after my MBA. I recall Joe Cyr leaning over while Gerry was speaking and saying that I’d be up on that stage at our next National Sales Meeting, and sure enough, I was.

Nolan Hosking, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Price Industries

I recall the first corporate presentation that I saw Gerry make, and I remember his transparency which showed Price’s market share ranked amongst all of the U.S. competitors, and at the time Price was ranked quite low on the list.   I remember Gerry speaking about all the good things that Price was doing, and in spite of the challenges the company was currently facing at the time, we were going to stay the course and our commitment to service was going to steer Price to the top of the chart in the relatively near future.

Being a newcomer to Price, I was a little shocked at the time and thought that was an incredibly ambitious goal considering how vast the more than vast spread in sales dollars.  (I also remember at the time thinking, maybe breaking into top-five might have been a more realistic target!) Over the course of the years, and with each bi-annual presentation I watched how Price slowly but surely move up the ladder.  I don’t ever recall a year where the company made a massive leap, but with each presentation we were overtaking very well-known and established names, up until the point where Price was second on the list, and then finally became the market leader

Ted DeFehr, SVP, Sales & Market Engagement, Price Industries