Straight Goods

We guarantee the performance of every product we build and sell, and our customers trust this is the case and go to the bank on it. 
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Straight Goods Tenet

We design and build complex, engineered products, and we guarantee the performance of each one. Providing straight goods means forgoing gimmicks and never relaying misleading information. Our customers count on us to always give the “straight goods” in everything we say and do, whether it be product performance, application engineering advice, or delivery information.

Price Points On Straight Goods


Start from Scratch

Price leveraged its engineering know-how and intrepidness to figure out how to enter the noise control market within the HVAC industry by starting from scratch. Patience and persistence are necessities when committing to the straight goods.


Triumph with the truth

The Straight Goods Tenet means sticking to the truth, no matter the challenges from the industry or the harmful tactics of some bad actors. Staying on the straight and narrow paid off for Price.


Do it with data

Once Price solidified its own data, backed by science, and packaged it alongside its competitor’s “research,” the company armed the sales representatives to educate an industry.

E.H. Price: Foundation and Legacy