Team and Humility

All our accomplishments are team accomplishments. 
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Team and Humility Tenet

We never keep score of how often we go the extra mile for our customers. Price has a “no ego” culture where we each contribute our best individually to the team win, celebrating new ideas and successes wherever they come from.

Though we are high achievers by nature, we maintain our humility by remembering our roots as a small company.

Price Points On Team and humility


Know when to step back

A leader was asked to step up into a role but soon saw that he did not have the competency to complete the goals of the organization. Putting the company’s success above his own, he stepped back, allowing others to complete the process.


Build trust with humility

Effective leaders start with humility, releasing any sense of ego in an effort to build trust with their teams. It is this releasing of ego that allows leaders to listen to everyone in the organization—frontline staff, customers, and other leaders—to grow the organization.


Empower the front line

Empowering your frontline teams means genuinely implementing their ideas. They know best how to improve their work situations. They are working with the products every day and may have input that no one else has.

E.H. Price: Foundation and Legacy