Greater Good

“Go big or go home. 
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Greater Good Tenet

Principled businesses form the foundation of society. We do not operate for the benefit of a few privileged individuals. Rather, our goal is for everyone to benefit from our company’s operation—our customers, employees, suppliers, and the communities we live in, as well as our shareholders.

We give back in a material way to those in need in our communities and encourage our employees to also give back. Everyone wins!

Price Points On Greater Good


Give BIG

For Gerry, giving back has and remains a core characteristic of his personality. With additional inspiration from their son who died in 2004, Gerry and Barb have donated millions of dollars to many philanthropic initiatives and funded hundreds of scholarships. Decide how you want to contribute—and then go big or go home.


Commit to the community

The leadership culture at Price is one of commitment for the long term to the communities where the company has set up for the long haul. Over the decades, economic challenges have made other factories in Winnipeg close their doors, but Gerry and his team developed strategies to keep the facility open, including placing products in the Winnipeg plant that were of higher margin, allowing it to stay viable. If you plan to launch in a given city, plan to do so long term.


Source local

Although Price does utilize overseas suppliers when no other feasible option exists in North America, the organization defaults to supporting local services and suppliers.