The Golden Rule

“Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself.”
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Golden Rule Tenet

“Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself.” Irrespective of the outcome, by living a principled life in accordance with the Golden Rule, you’ll leave a legacy that is worthy of you, and you can celebrate because you did it the right way.

You can go through life taking or giving. We prefer the giving approach—it’s the only legacy that’s worthy of a life lived.

Price Points On The Golden Rule


Live the Golden Rule

To succeed at Price, Anvil, and its affiliate companies, either internally as an employee or externally as a partner or supplier, you must follow the Golden Rule, treating others as how you would like to be treated.


Don’t break someone’s rice bowl

When employees no longer are a good fit with the company, they must go on their way. However, during that process, it is prudent to ensure that their livelihood is not risked, as referenced by the Chinese proverb “Don’t break someone’s rice bowl.” People can always find a job more easily if they currently are employed, so offer employees a transition time to seek work elsewhere while still under the company roof.


Practice role reversal

In any situation, pretend you’re on the receiving end of what you’re doing. Ask yourself, “How would I like to be treated?” and then treat people that way.

E.H. Price: Foundation and Legacy