Today a rooster, tomorrow a feather duster. Failure to adopt a growth business model virtually assures that any “rooster” of today is destined to be a “feather duster” of tomorrow. 
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Growth Tenet

Growth is an imperative. Adopting a strategy of growth and scaling our business comes with risk, but both our successes and failures prepare us for even greater challenges in the future.

At Price, growth is not something that happens to us; it is something we choose.

Price Points On Growth


Win with your partners

If Price’s customers succeeded, the company would ride its customers’ coattails to success. The same strategy applied to the sales reps that helped Price grow to become a US HVAC industry leader in the air distribution category. As Price grew, sales reps had to grow their businesses to keep up.


Find an oven

To grow, Price needed a US factory. Without one, Price could not sell competitively from Canada indefinitely as non-residential developments were drying up in the region. Eager to get a foothold into the US, Gerry rented a dilapidated and aging plant in Norcross, Georgia, and after some lean years, Gerry and his US team used this foothold to eventually build one of its signature plants in Suwanee, Georgia.


Grow for the future

Develop a growth philosophy, become a forever company. Start building the foundation today for growth 10 years from now.

E.H. Price: Foundation and Legacy