Resilience and Grit

We are a company of people who grind their way through difficulty, setbacks, and adversity. 
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Resilience and Grit Tenet

Like the stonecutter who chips away at a rock, not knowing when it will break in two, we persevere at our tasks, not knowing if our effort today will succeed or not, staying on task until we eventually prevail.

Price Points On Resilience and Grit


Use crisis as opportunity

A cyberattack shut down Price’s operations across the continent, putting the Price Way’s Resilience and Grit Tenet to an extreme test. The team assessed the true damage, rebuilt, and used the overall opportunity to evaluate and strengthen security systems, mitigating future attacks.


Make a plan when the going gets tough

When faced with villainous challenges such as a cyberattack,instead of getting emotional or frustrated, focus the stress into making your plan. Execution may not be simple, but without a plan, success will be less likely.


Pursue success relentlessly

Whether it is surviving a cyberattack or researching and developing products with intricate new technology, remain relentless in the pursuit.

E.H. Price: Foundation and Legacy